Hey guys, I’m Eddie!  I’m so happy to see you.  I may not look like it but inside I’m just a normal, cheeky little chappy, full of life, love and excitement.  Unfortunately though I have some issues that mean people don’t always get to see the real me.

I’m a three year old Jack Russell and I’ve been here at the Sanctuary for a year now.  And life has not been easy!  I have a mental health problem and I’m ok with people knowing about it.  Unfortunately it’s been really hard to pinpoint my exact problem but the people here do their best to understand and help me through.  One of my main problems is self harming which is why you’ll see me wearing a special collar or cone to prevent me from harming myself.

On a good day I’m really rather happy.  I love cuddles and spending some time with other Dogs.  I enjoy the outdoors, running through the grass or just soaking up the Sun.  I even like to swim!  But sadly those days turn dark and I struggle to find a way through.  That’s where you come in.  Visitors bring happiness to my sad times.  Even if you’re just walking past to look at the Dog a few doors down, I see you.  You may not have seen it but for that moment, the real me broke through.  I was truly happy.  And then the Sun went away again.

Please don’t let this sadden you too much, I still want you to visit.  Even if it isn’t to see me.  I suppose this is all just a part of mental illness.  Just taking each day one at a time.  Some day I hope for those sunny moments to last longer and longer but until then my friends here will just keep being there for me.  I hope you will too.

I’m available for sponsorship and rehoming.