Gorgeous Gabby is an 18 week old female Cocker Spaniel in need of a very special home. Please read and share her story below.

Gabby suffers from a condition called Megaoesophagus which is an enlargement of her food pipe. It means that food and fluids cannot be moved to the stomach which causes her to vomit. She has recently had surgery which has greatly improved her condition but will need careful monitoring over the coming months. To help with her condition Gabby gets her food and water from a raised platform and gets her meals little and often.

Gabby is a real sweet little thing with bundles of love and energy and she has come on great since her surgery. She has had no previous training so will require a new home where she won’t be on her own for any more than 3-4 hours a day. In order to better control her treatment, we feel that Gabby would be best suited to a home with no children under 8 years old and be the only Dog in the house. Her new owners would need to be prepared to take Gabby for regular check ups with our Vet and the Sanctuary is prepared to cover any costs associated with her condition.

In the mouth of Christmas we feel that it is especially important for us to thank all of our supporters for their continuous help throughout the year. Without your generosity and support we would be unable to be there physically and financially for Gabby and many, many others. So thank you all and with your help and ours, let’s hope we can find this little lady the perfect new home.

I am available for adoption