Cat Enrichment Activities

Our kittens get some extra socialisation

Here at the Sanctuary we aim to ensure that our kittens get the best possible start in life.

While in our care all our kittens will engage in our  socialisation programme during that critical period between 2-8 weeks of age.  

Socialisation is about learning social skills with other living beings, and includes habituation which is about learning to feel safe around everyday sights, sounds and things a kitten will encounter in its environment.

This invaluable toolkit is included in our kitten rehoming packs to show our work to date and how our adopters can continue the plan after they have taken their kitten home.  

By helping kittens build positive associations with everyday experiences, will give them a great start to life!

New Enrichment and Activity Centre

Your outstanding support and commitment to our work have helped make our dream a reality and we are delighted to confirm that our newly developed Enrichment and Activity Centre is now complete.

This massive project commenced in August 2022 and we watched and waited as it took shape over the last number of months; the eagerly anticipated opening has now arrived. Here’s what our cats have to look forward to on a daily basis:

  • A cat garden full of enrichment activities to allow our cats to explore the great outdoors
While our cats have their rooms and external space filled with the necessities to meet their welfare needs and toys, high up spaces and hiding places to meet their well being needs, our cat garden will give them the opportunity to explore the great outdoors.
The garden is fully enclosed with scented plants, scrubs, grass, play and hiding toys and a variety of shelving to give our cats the opportunity to sit up high and observe the world around them; all of which will very much enrich their lives during their time with us

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