Cat Rehoming Information

We ask that all our potential adopters come to the Sanctuary to view our cats.

You will be able to enter their rooms if accompanied by a member of staff or volunteer and advised on their individual health and personalities.

After spending some time in their company, cats can be reserved by completing a pre-adoption form and then arrangements will be made to complete the mandatory home check.

All successful applicants will be asked to pay an adoption fee which covers veterinary costs and you will need to bring a pet carrier to transport the cat home.

We offer the following re-homing advice in order that your cats gets the best start in its new home:

  • Allow the cat to exit the pet carrier in its own time and explore its new home environment.
  • Introduce to other cats carefully and under supervision.
  • Overnight leave the cat in its room accessible to the litter tray, food and water. The litter tray should be a distance away from food and water.
  • We recommend your cat indoors for approximately 6 weeks or to connect to their spaying and neutering plan – this will allow your cat to familiarise itself to it’s new surroundings.

Our staff are happy to offer advice – we all aim to ensure our cats have found their forever home.

Help us save lives.