A tale of 3 puppies and momma so cute
They came to our care one day early June
Barely just born and in need of some time
they took hold of our hearts and inspired this rhyme 

We gave momma some food and her own cosy place
and in turn she kept those three babies all safe
She fed them and cleaned them and kept them so warm
She made sure her wee angels would come to no harm

When the timing was right she allowed us to come near
and like her we protected those wee ones from fear
We cradled those angels so safe in our arms
and showed them that we would do them no harm

Coco was momma and her wee son was Ross
He was the only boy so often felt at a loss
And then there was Rhea, like Coco so small
and lastly was Ruby the biggest of all

Day after day they grew big, strong and brave
and one at a time ventured from their safe cave
So soon came the time to show them around
and we started with brushing and different sounds

We showed them the world outside through the glass
and a short time later they found soft green grass
They felt the cold grass in between their wee toes
and soon they forgot their worries and woes

Days turned to weeks and then months became two
We knew someday soon what we had to do
We grew real close to all four little ones
but the time was now right for them to find homes

We had hoped that between their momma and us
we taught them to be strong and to love and to trust
We had shown them the way and now was their time
to show everyone else just how much they could shine