Enrichment Activities

Here at the Sanctuary we have many and varied enrichment activities.

Dogs Day Out Programme 

Here at the Sanctuary we have a number of long term dogs who for a number of reasons are less likely to get their own forever home.  For these dogs, and others whose stay may be a bit longer than anticipated, we arrange Dog Day Outs where they are taken to dog parks so they can run free as dog should and enjoy the socialisation aspects of life that they cannot get at the Sanctuary.

Room to Relax 

Our dogs can find the stress of kennel life difficult, so we have a home from home environment on our premises complete with television, sofa, coffee table and rugs!  This allows our dogs a bit of time out from their kennel environment and for those who have never experienced the great indoors it gives them an opportunity to experience this environment.  This all helps in the long term when they do find their forever home.

Other enrichment activities including use of our pools on those sunny days, Kongs filled with tasty treats, slow feeders, other toys and plenty of walks throughout the day.

Adoption Scheme 

As part of our adoption scheme we now offer all new adopters the chance to come back to the Sanctuary with their new friend and address any issues or concerns they may have with our behaviourist, Robin Bates.   The session can also allow for any advice on nutrition, fun activities or anything else dog related.  This Sanctuary based initiative is aimed at ensuring our dogs adapt to their new and forever homes and never have to experience kennel life again.

The dates for these events are given to all our dog adopters at the time of adoption.

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