As we come to the end of our 25th Anniversary year we are delighted to announce that we are now at the tendering stage of our development project and it is hoped that building work will commence in early 2022.

This process started a number of years ago when we had the good fortune to be able to purchase a piece of land to the rear of our current premises and we’re delighted to advise that our plans are now very much in place:

• Puppy unit – located within our current site, this building will allow for mums and their pups to have a dedicated space in the early stages of their young lives before they are available for rehoming and this build connects directly to our puppy plan project.

• Living room space – our dogs can find the stress of kennel life difficult. So this space will create a home from home environment on our premises complete with television, sofa, coffee table and rugs!  This allows our dogs a bit of time out from their kennel environment and for those who have never experienced the great indoors it gives them this valuable opportunity.  

• Meet and greet building – a dedicated building and area to allow for the essential process of potential adopters, their families and dogs to meet their new family friend.

• A number of external runs, some with agility and different surfaces, to give our dogs the opportunity to run free as dogs should and experience this joy while resident at the Sanctuary. Agility equipment and different enrichment activities will also be included.  

• To allow for our longer term dogs or indeed the larger breed dogs we will reconfigure four of our current kennels into two larger kennel spaces which will give them a little bit more space and freedom each day.

Our cats haven’t been forgotten and we will add a small enclosed and secure cat garden to our excellent cattery facilities, again allowing them the opportunity of freedom of movement and enrichment whilst in our care. 

I hope our supporters agree that this is a fantastic opportunity for us to offer the very best we can to our dogs and cats; both for those who come in and find their forever home reasonably quickly or for those who have a longer stay. 

All the proceeds generated from our Christmas Ballot will go towards this development project.  

We thank each and every one of you for your continued support!