We’re so excited and cannot wait to share our excitement with you! Your outstanding support and commitment to our work have helped make our dream a reality and we are delighted to confirm that our newly developed Enrichment and Activity Centre is now complete.

This massive project commenced in August 2022 and we watched and waited as it took shape over the last number of months; the eagerly anticipated opening has now arrived. Here’s what our dogs and cats have to look forward to on a daily basis:

  • A meet and greet building and facilities to introduce our dogs to their Forever Family
  • A dedicated puppy unit to meet the needs of future Mums and Pups and includes a socialisation space to give them the best start in life
  • A living room environment to allow our dogs to socialise and get familiar with life indoors, a luxury some may never have experienced
  • A cat garden full of enrichment activities to allow our cats to explore the great outdoors
  • Four large external exercise runs for our dogs to run free but of course they allow for so much more
    – A sensory garden with some dog related landscaping to ensure our dogs benefit from an enriching and stimulating natural environment
    – A dedicated agility area to benefit our dogs both physically and mentally
    – A long ‘gallop’ run for a real leg stretch; what a difference from walking on lead
    – Puppy and small dog area full of fun activities

Thank you all again for your support, none of the above would be achievable without you.