Tasha, only a kitten herself, has been through so much during her short life. When she was first found she was badly injured and had been left to fend for herself. Tasha’s tough journey did not begin here with us; before coming into the Sanctuary she had suffered a serious injury as a result of an accident and on arrival with us underwent surgery to have wires put in place to mend her fractured jaw. She spent two weeks recovering at the vets and during this time the vet discovered she was pregnant.

Despite Tasha’s traumatic and painful experience, she was the sweetest and most affectionate girl, loving all the newfound attention and TLC. These were all new experiences for her. However, it was now time for her to rest in the safe and comfortable surroundings and concentrate on building her strength in preparation for the birth and motherhood in the weeks ahead.

A CCTV camera was placed in Tasha’s ‘maternity suite’ to enable us to observe and regularly check in on her. Tasha could give birth any day so this would enable us to act if she got into difficulty and needed veterinary care.

On the 15th July, 4 weeks after arriving with us, Tasha gave birth to a litter of seven little babies. Sadly, one was still born but the others were born without complications.

Nursing her six kittens came naturally to Tasha, she is a wonderful attentive wee Mum, and takes great pride in showing off her mummy skills to us all!

We loved watching them develop day by day from their little eyes opening to their first wobbly steps as they become curious of their surroundings. All the team also looked forward to Tasha’s morning greets and her little squeaky meows asking for breakfast, and of course, cuddles.

Mummy Tasha continues to do an amazing job of raising her babies and thankfully they are all healthy and thriving exceptionally well and looking forward to their rehoming journey.

Tasha has everything she needs from our supportive network however not all cats are so lucky. Hundreds of pregnant strays are struggling for survival with no food or shelter for them or their kittens when they give birth. The challenge continues to ensure all cats and their kittens have a good quality of life.

Tasha is certainly one of the lucky ones, all thanks to our supporters.