Many of you may remember Jessie, one of our long term Bullmastiffs. She came to us originally in August of 2014 at just 2 years old due to her owner being unwell. After an unsuccessful homing attempt, Jessie once again found herself in our care in December of 2014 and she has been with us ever since.


Jessie has always been a laid back cuddle monster with the people that she felt most comfortable with but sadly, she struggled to be around those she didn’t know. She was also not very keen on sharing attention with other dogs and these things always made matching her with a new home very difficult. We had settled with the reality that Jessie would live out her days in our care but, 2021 rolled around and one of our volunteers found herself in the position to offer Jessie a forever home.

Molly and her family have been dog walking with us for a number of years and have also adopted several of our dogs in the past. They had grown very close with Jessie so, when chance happened that Molly was able to make Jessie a very lucky Dog, we thought it was definitely worth a shot. We worked through things gradually letting Jessie go home for afternoons and soon she was having sleepovers. Once we were sure that everyone was comfortable (and Jessie made absolutely sure that she was as comfortable as possible!) then we decided that the time was right to make things official and adopt.

At almost 9 years old and having spent nearly 7 years of her life in rescue, our big Jessie finally has a home to call her own. She will be missed by all who worked with her but knowing that she is snuggled up safe and sound with someone we know is more than we could ever have dreamt off for this sweet lady. We hope you enjoy the photos of Jessie settling in (and taking over) her forever home. We’re sure you’ll all be with us in wishing Molly and Jessie a huge GOOD LUCK for their future together.

It’s never too late to make an old dogs dream come true!