Callie & Ellie


Closely bonded girls Callie and Ellie are having a well deserved break after they both gave birth and raised their litters of kittens 🐾🐾

It would be a shame to part them after everything they’ve been through together including losing their home.😿
The black girl Callie is a little shy and feels more secure in Ellies company.
Could you give these lovely quiet girls a home with you, preferably with no other cats.

If you are interested in offering these Cast a home, then please click on the following link to complete an online application. If you are being considered we will be in touch to arrange an appointment for you to meet the Cat and start the rehoming process. All parts of the form must be completed to ensure your application can be processed. If you are being considered to commence the adoption process you will receive a call from a mobile number ending in 081; due to time constraints there will be a limited timescale to answer or respond to our message.