2 years
American Bulldog
Gus had sadly had a number of homes in his short life. We have learned some things about what type of home would suit Gus from these failings.

Gus will need an adult only home with experience of his breed type.
Gus can get over stimulated and his go to behaviour during this seems to be zoomies with mouthing behaviours.

At around 40 kgs this behaviour can be difficult for an owner, especially one where there are children in the home.
Gus is motivated by both treats and toys and i’m sure with an educated owner this behaviour could be improved.

Gus enjoys travelling and is a super sidekick for car journeys.
He also enjoys watching cartoons with his owners cuddling up on the sofa.

Gus has had doggy friends in the past and we think he may be able to live with the right dog again.
If you are interested in offering this dog a home and you meet the criteria listed, then please click on the following link to complete an online application.
If you are being considered we will be in touch to arrange an appointment for you to meet the dog and start the rehoming process.
If you wish to be considered it is a requirement to answer all questions on the application form.

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