2 1/2 years
If there’s a down side to being this cute it’s that everyone wants to pet you. Unfortunately for little Sammy he doesn’t necessarily want that.
This little man has had a couple of homes in his short life, we obviously want to get it right for him this time round so we will be choosy in what we want. All we ask for on the application will be in Sammy’s best interest.
We’ve spent this last couple of weeks letting Sammy settle in with us a little and getting to know him better.
Sammy certainly has issues around resource guarding of different items that he regards as being of value to him. He can also be mistrusting of hands moving towards him.
Sammy will need…
An adult only home.
Experienced owner, with an understanding of behaviour.
A willingness to work with a dog behaviourist- (the sanctuary will cover the cost of a couple of sessions.)
Breed experience will be beneficial to your application
Please explain on your application why you believe you may be the right match for Sammy.
If you are interested in offering this dog a home and you meet the criteria listed, then please click on the following link to complete an online application.
If you are being considered we will be in touch to arrange an appointment for you to meet the dog and start the rehoming process.
If you wish to be considered it is a requirement to answer all questions on the application form.