April gets her happy ending

Our April arrived at the Sanctuary in May 2018 as she had been destructive in her home, had a bit of a dislike for other dogs and had a tendency to bite both people and other dogs. That said, she was a firm favourite here at the Sanctuary with both the staff and volunteers and enjoyed her many walks, doggy days out and the variety of daily enrichment activities we have to offer. 

Laura, April’s new ‘Mum’ wanted to share her experience of adopting a difficult to rehome dog and celebrate both the challenges and the rewards this brings. 

Here’s Laura’s insights :

‘April’s first two weeks involved a lot of puppy pads, the purchase of a spy camera to see how she coped on her own and lots of carefully planned walks. We need to be careful to avoid other dogs as April is scared around them, for reasons we may never understand. In the past few weeks we have laughed, cried, and been so ridiculously excited when April has chosen to go outside to go for a pee, or walked past another dog without barking and lunging (usually with the help of some cheese!). We celebrate the little achievements and stick together, because that’s what it means to be a family. You support each other no matter what, and you help each other to overcome your fears and weaknesses. Family is forever, and we would love for more ‘hard to home’ animals to find their family who will take the time to help and love them. Mid Antrim have been so incredibly supportive all throughout the adoption process, and continue to be there for us on our journey with April. If you can, please consider the nervous, frightened, old or sick animals. They will enrich your life with so much love, and their achievements become your own. Everyone keeps thanking us for taking her home, but honestly? We are so thankful to have her! She has relaxed so much in the past month and is so grateful for everything we do for her… She just needed someone to give her a chance’

Here at the Sanctuary we all thank Laura and Gary for giving April her forever home!