Our Community Outreach

Our Partnership work with Women’s Aid

Our partnership agreement with Women’s Aid ABCL&N continues in that if someone finds herself using the services of Women’s Aid then we will offer their dog or cat a safe refuge in the interim period.  The animal will have access to our kennel or cattery facilities and we will allow for feeding, exercise, socialisation and access to veterinary care for a sufficient period in order that issues relating to the woman and her family can be addressed. At year end there were a total of 21 service users; it should be noted that this project has no impact on the capacity at the Sanctuary or on the dogs and cats requiring our future assistance.

Our Partnership work & Outreach work with foodbanks

These partnership projects mean that during those special celebrations throughout the year we ensure that not only those individuals without a home or who are struggling financially hopefully get something special, but their dogs also get that special hamper of food and treats.  We are delighted to be able to supply some of our donated items as we very much value what our pets bring to all our lives and also we hope that pets can remain in their current environment.  As an organisation we wish to assist as many dogs and cats as we can and this includes those who may not necessarily be needing their forever home.  We are currently working with Belfast Homeless Services, The Welcome Organisation, Randalstown Foodbank and A Safe Place to be Me Crumlin.

Education & Community Outreach Visits

We recognise that one of the best ways to prevent animals from being mistreated, abandoned or suffering in general is education; we welcome the opportunity to visit schools, community and youth groups to give an overview of our work and guidance on animal welfare matters.

Outreach to Schools

At Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary we are delighted to support schools in Northern Ireland in bringing animal welfare to life, developing empathy, compassion and an understanding of the needs of animals within the classroom.

Our programme provides advice, gives guidance and inspires future generations as well as promoting responsible pet ownership and an appreciation of our native wildlife. We are a charitable service that relies 100% on supporter funding and if your school would be willing to fundraise for us or provide a small donation this would be greatly appreciated.

Outreach to The Community

Strong Community links is important to Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary. We encourage compassion and empathy towards all animals to prevent cruelty and relive unnecessary suffering.

We deliver informative presentations which cover the history and background of our work within Northern Ireland and animal welfare.

Are you a member of a club or organisation and interested in finding out more about Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary ?

This is a charitable service that we provide however if your community group would be willing to fundraise for us or provide a small donation this would be greatly appreciated.

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