They are popular and appealing with their long, fluffy, silky coats but long-haired cats especially Persians are extremely high maintenance and require daily grooming with a brush or comb to ensure a healthy and happy cat.

The Persian cat is unable to groom themselves adequately which results in very uncomfortable matted hair and tangles. If grooming is not maintained by the owner the cat can develop health issues such as hairballs forming in the digestive tract which could cause a serious obstruction if not regurgitated. Here at the Sanctuary we urge all potential owners to think carefully before adopting any longhaired breed of cat as a lot of time and dedication is required. It is also worth noting that this type of cat is best suited as an indoors cat only and the result of this is that a lot of fluff and loose hair can build up around the home and may result in the owner developing allergies.

Below is an extreme example of a cat admitted to us earlier in the year. The images show the full coat after removal and veterinary attention was required for sedation to shear off this densely matted and knotted fur.

Please do not be put off by adopting this type of cat but we ask potential owners to be mindful of their needs and consider if they are the right fit for you and your family.

Be assured though that we take a positive approach to rehoming and would never turn away an unwanted cat purely based on the breed.