Mid Antrim’s supporters are the best!

Here at the Sanctuary we were fortunate to be able to purchase a piece of land to the rear of our current premises which will allow our dogs to have a greater exercise and socialisation area. As our supporters know some of our dogs find it more difficult to find their forever homes and we ensure they have a home for life; it is these dogs who will benefit the most from this expansion plan in that they will have the opportunity for greater enrichment activities including agility equipment, multi surface areas and the ability to run free as dogs should!

This is an exciting development for us and will complement our Dog Day Out Programme; this is where our long term dogs get the opportunity to visit a dog friendly park which gives them time away from kennels where they can experience a totally different environment off lead with time to roll and time to run free! Great to see!

This is only possible through the donations we receive from our supporters.

One example of this is Moira Hutchinson who has been supporting and fundraising for us for many, many years. Moira has kindly made the first financial donation of £2000 to our field development fund and through this allows us to start making plans for its development. This donation was part of money raised by Moira to help Carly Matilda, a dog that had been rehomed by one of our great supporters Irene Lowry. Carly Matilda was rescued from China where she had been destined for the meat trade and who was unable to walk unaided due to being kept in a cage all her life; Moira stepped in and started fundraising to purchase the dog a new wheelchair.
We cannot thank Moira enough for all she does for us and other dogs in need and those who give so generously; please contact us if you would like to know more about ways to contribute to our work.

Pictured alongside Moira and Irene are Cooper Angus, a previous Sanctuary resident rehomed by Irene, Carly Matilda sporting her fab new wheelchair and we cannot forget Bailey, Moira’s wee dog who is her constant companion.