Offering hope for more than our animals

Kathy one of our volunteers at The Sanctuary wanted to share this with you and we thank her for her honesty and the support she has given us.

Pictured above left to right Kathy, Volunteer at The Sanctuary and Avril Cattery Assistant both with current residents at The Sanctuary.

Without further ado lets hear from Kathy:

‘We all believe animal sanctuaries are a safe haven and offer hope for animals but the reality is they also offer hope, a purpose and a sanctuary for humans as well.

Us humans, like myself who has endured a lifetime of physical and mental health issues also find places such as Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary as therapeutic and resourceful as the animals they take in.

My personal experience with Mid Antrim started with a nurse explaining how a cat in need would make my life more fulfilling and be beneficial to my overall well being. I was directed to the Sanctuary and on visiting the cattery I fell for a FIV cat called Mr Snowball as I could relate to his health problems. I just couldn’t leave him so the old man came home and boy did he change my life for the better!

So his and my journey began.

Due to his health problems the Sanctuary covered the cost of his vet bills which in turn led me to my volunteering role; I had to give back for the pleasure of having Mr Snowball in my life.

Almost 8 years through my volunteering journey I have found a purpose in life, something to fight for, not just for myself but for the cats in the Sanctuary. It has become my sanctuary, my safe place where no one judges me and accepts me as me!

I am happy and confident to say Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary has made a huge impact on the quality of my life and given me a purpose again. It has reduced the number of times I attend hospital and for that I am truly grateful.

I have a focus in life; I have the cattery residents that come in through no fault of their own and who now have a chance of a life, a life with quality and care which is one of the main objectives of the Sanctuary.

Thank you Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary for your support and understanding, not just for the animals but also us humans – I am indebted to you for helping me get to where I am today.

PS: – I’ve continued my fostering role and have had the pleasure of Mr Snowball, Sunny and now Amaya in my life

With love
Kathy, Volunteer at Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary