Well would you look at me…pretty in Pink! They call me April round here but if they knew what I was saying then they’d know that I should really be called Princess April.  Because why, you ask?  Well, isn’t it obvious?  I’m absolutely PAW-GEOUS!  And what lady with looks like mine shouldn’t be a Princess?

Now don’t say it out loud but I’m six years old and I’ve been at the Sanctuary for almost a year now.  It’s ok though because I’m a tough cookie.  I’m a Boxer/Staffie X so I’ve got the looks and the brains for what some might think is living ruff.  But the people here just love to spoil me.  I get big comfy beds, tasty treats and silly little fluffy toys that are just asking to be shredded to bits.  I’m rather good at that!

I may look like peanut butter wouldn’t melt but there are people and other Dogs out there that I just won’t let too close.  A lady needs to have standards you know!  So I keep my circle fairly small and I’m happy with that.  With less people around me then they’ll have more time to pamper me.  I’d rather not have to share them out with the other animals here so I make sure to soak up all the attention I can get my paws on.

However, don’t let any of this put you off visiting me.  I may not always be happy to see you or perhaps I’m lounging in the pamper room but you can always leave gifts for me with my people.  They’re very well trained and know to set aside my favourites and hand deliver them to me.  And I’ll be sure to leave aside the lesser quality items for the others to enjoy.

I’m available for sponsorship and rehoming.