15 months old

Jack finds himself with us after his owner sadly passed away. He’s taken a little longer to settle here with us as kennel life was a very big struggle for him but he has come on very well. He can still be easily spooked by strangers but he’s most confident when he’s running around playing with his toys.

Jack is a big lad at nearly 40kgs and this can take some handling as he was never really used to walking on a lead. We have recently introduced Jack to a harness here for his walks and he has taken to it very well but will need further lead work/loose lead training. Applicants should consider the time and training required and feel confident in handling a large, strong Dog before applying.

Jack would be best suited to a home with children aged 12 years old and above and could live with another Dog after successful meet and greets. He is still too young for his size for neutering so any female Dogs in the house should be spayed.

If you are interested in offering this dog a home and you meet the criteria listed, then please click on the following link to complete an online application.
If you are being considered we will be in touch to arrange an appointment for you to meet the dog and start the rehoming process.
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If you are being considered to commence the adoption process you will receive a call from a mobile number ending in 081; due to time constraints there will be a limited timescale to answer or respond to our message.