2 Years
American Bully
Reggie is a big lad weighing in at over 40 kg.
As a team, we can’t believe our boy Reggie is still here.
You don’t have to look too far across social media lately to see that most rescues are being inundated with bullies like Reggie. It is one of the saddest situations we have ever seen and reminds us of the days when similar happened with other breeds.
Whilst Reggie’s original post generated lots of interest, we haven’t yet found what we feel would be the perfect fit. Something extremely important as we want to ensure Reggie never has to come back to kennels.
Those familiar with the breed will know know what fantastic companions the bullies can make. With breed experience, knowledge and patience, Reggie could make a wonderful addition to a home. There are a few areas we feel are important to factors in finding his perfect family:
???? Reggie enjoys his walks and a frequent munch on grass, Reggie can be very strong when excited or stressed but when relaxed Reggie strolls beautifully beside you.
???? A suitable home should have a well enclosed yard and no children under the age of 13 years.???? Whilst Reggie hasn’t got on with every dog he’s met, we do feel he could live successfully with another spayed female

???? We feel previous large breed/bully experience would be essential for Reggie’s new family.

If the above criteria sounds like it could be a match for you, please reach out. Reggie is waiting and we owe it to him to find him the best forever family.
We have had applications for Reggie, most we think simply weren’t suitable and didn’t meet the criteria. We are determined to get things right.
In the meantime Reggie will stay with us and hopefully continue to improve. When Reggie arrived you couldn’t keep his focus on walks, now he is doing regular voluntary check ins. If we first keep a dogs attention this makes asking for a behaviour a whole lot easier. Result Reggie, keep it up big man.

If you are interested in offering this dog a home and you meet the criteria listed, then please click on the following link to complete an online application.
If you are being considered we will be in touch to arrange an appointment for you to meet the dog and start the rehoming process.
If you wish to be considered it is a requirement to answer all questions on the application form.