Putting our best paw forward for a better life…

Well, 2020 has certainly been quite the year!  But if there’s anything that can brighten up your day it’ll be a happy puppy story.  The paw-some little faces featured in this article are just a few of the puppies that have been adopted from us in the past year.  A couple of them were even born with us!  

One focus we’ve had this year that we wish to grow even more throughout 2021 is our new Puppy Programme.  We understand that adopting a puppy will bring a lot of fun into a home but as many of us know, they come with challenges and hard work.  Wedeveloped this programme so that all of our puppies and their new families get the best chance at a long and happy life together.  
We want to make sure that adopters and puppies alike can have a life filled with healthy and positive experiences, so we teamed up with Robin Bates Dog Training, My Dogs Best Friend, Dogs Trust Dog School and Louise Scott DogTraining.  As part of our Puppy Programme, all of our adopted puppies between the ages of 10 and 20 weeks will be given the opportunity to attend puppy classes and of course encouraged to continue positive training throughout their adult years.  We believe that this will help to reduce problem behaviours not just throughout their puppy years but also later in life too. 
Our pets are never too young (or old) to have a good life.  Here at the Sanctuary we stand firmly behind a healthy and positive attitude to animal care, training and responsible ownership and we hope that you are all with us on this too.  We hope to update you on our Puppy Programme success in 2021 and of course, show you some super cute photos.