Tigger’s rescue journey began with us here at the Sanctuary in August 2018 when he was 6 years old, a chilled, gentle big fellow who just took everything in his stride. Routine veterinary checks found very bad teeth resulting in two extractions and a thorough de-scale – other than that he was in good health.

Luck came Tigger’s way in October of that year when he found a new home and family however unfortunately a change of circumstances in the home brought Tigger back to us in February 2020, almost a year and a half later.

Tigger was still the same charming, lovable big cat but this time round a heart murmur was detected when he attended the vet for his checkups and his teeth needed further attention.

A few days later Tigger was admitted to the vets for a heart scan and another dental and sadly the results of the heart scan were more serious than expected. He was diagnosed with a condition called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopath and was prescribed heart medication for life. His prognosis was very uncertain, he could have years or just months to live as it was unknown how well Tigger would respond to the medication – regular checks were carried out in the following months and thankfully he remained stable.

In June of 2020 things were on the up for Tigger once again when he found a loving home with an owner who was aware of his condition and just wanted to give him a chance for what time he had left. Sadly, this time things were not so good for Tigger with the other cat in the household and he became unsettled and quite vocal so five months later in November 2020, Tigger found himself back with us again!

Finding the right home for Tigger would now prove to be a challenge coupled with the heart condition and the request to be the only cat in the home. This decision could not be rushed as we needed to be sure that his next home would be his forever home, in a stress free and peaceful environment.

After a settling in and reassessing period, the Christmas no rehoming season was upon us then shortly afterwards another lockdown period happened and we ceased rehoming again.

Tigger is a gorgeous, friendly big guy who just keeps going regardless of what life throws at him; while he prefers to take things easy these days he does loves human company and affection.

Tigger has won the hearts of the staff and volunteers here at the Sanctuary and we all endeavour to ensure it will be third time lucky for Tigger!!