Many supporters will know about Jet who recently passed away, aged 17.

Jet came home with us in the summer of 2019.  We soon saw how home life rejuvenated him.  He loved his walks and spreading out on the sofa.  He loved a squeaky toy and assisting with leftovers.  He showed his bravery and strength climbing the stairs at night despite his arthritis just so he could lie beside us.  What we all thought would be a short term retirement home turned into almost 3 fantastic years of fun and love.  We are missing him terribly but have so many lovely memories, like taking him to the beach, the time when he raided the bin and got the lid stuck round his neck, or when he stole a frying pan of pasta and took it back to his bed.  And throughout the challenges we’ve all faced over the last couple of years, he constantly cheered us up with his big infectious grin.

To anyone considering adopting a dog, please don’t overlook the seniors.  They can be amazing companions and a proper home and family can give them a new lease of life, just like our Jet.

Many thanks again to everyone at Mid-Antrim for their generous support and advice.  They were delighted to see Jet find a home and always loved to hear how he was getting on.